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Date 2021-04-30.23:00:50
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I checked " Types converted pre Python 3.9" and "Types converted in Python 3.9" of:

(I didn't check "Types converted in Python 3.10" yet.)

These lists are not complete, for example select.kevent was not listed whereas it has a bug.

_struct.unpack_iterator can be modified to use Py_TPFLAGS_DISALLOW_INSTANTIATION: its tp_new method always raises an exception.


* select.kevent: BUG, use {Py_tp_new, PyType_GenericNew} slot which doesn't properly initialize kqueue_event_Object!

Need review:

* _ast.AST: use {Py_tp_new, PyType_GenericNew} and {Py_tp_init, ast_type_init} slots. What happens if tp_new is called without calling tp_init?

Implement tp_new (ok!):

* _abc._abc_data
* _json.Scanner
* _json.Encoder
* select.devpoll
* select.epoll
* select.kqueue
* _random.Random
* _struct.Struct 

Other cases (ok!):

* _ssl.SSLError inherits from OSError and reuses OSError structure (PyOSErrorObject): the inherited tp_new works as expected.
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