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Date 2021-04-30.02:55:42
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Found a backward incompatible behavior. 

Before the patch, in 64-bit build, zlib module allows the initial size > UINT32_MAX.
It creates a bytes object, and uses a sliding window to deal with the UINT32_MAX limit:

After the patch, when init_size > UINT32_MAX, it raises a ValueError.

PR 25738 fixes this backward incompatibility.
If the initial size > UINT32_MAX, it clamps to UINT32_MAX, rather than raising an exception.

Moreover, if you don't mind, I would like to take this opportunity to rename the wrapper functions from Buffer_* to OutputBuffer_*, so that the readers can easily distinguish between input buffer and output buffer.
If you don't think it's necessary, you may merge PR 25738 as is.
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