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Shreyan Avigyan:
> And the "(Pdb) continue (...) actually is manually entered by me.

Victor Stinner:
Do you mean that you modified the Python source code?

Doubt it. For me, with more words: the "(Pdb) " prompt appears all by itself, by magic, and the test run is stuck then. I bet Shreyan meant to say "so I manually entered 'continue [RETURN]' at the pdb prompt to get it unstuck again".

> Does the issue go away if you revert your change or
> if you test a newly installed Python?

For me, I was using Win10 x64 CPython built from yesterday's github master/main.

And thanks for the distutils clue! I bet that one is a distinct issue.

To make it more confusing, all 4 tests passed when I ran with `-j` (to force parallel test execution) - but then test_compileall failed instead :-)
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