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I expect parallelism is a red herring: early in the test output attached to this report:

0:00:04 Run tests sequentially

and there's no other evidence in the output that multiple tests are running simultaneously.

Also on Win10, the 4 failing tests here pass for me if I run them one at a time, so it's not obvious.

I _suspect_ that what's going wrong with test_pdb is the root cause: every now & again, for some weeks now, when I try to run tests on Windows I come back to the cmd.exe window and see that it's just sitting there, waiting at a pdb prompt.

In the output attached to this report, note that after test_threading starts, 

(Pdb) continue
(Pdb) continue
(Pdb) continue
(Pdb) continue

appears out of the blue. But test_pdb is long finished by that time.

But I'm clueless about current pdb internals.
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