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Author kj
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Date 2021-04-25.00:58:52
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I'm unable to reproduce the regression locally with pyperformance. Additionally, the links on show that the results returned to normal after a week (again seemingly without any commit to cause such a change).

I'm closing this bug as it doesn't seem related to the code in cpython itself. Thanks everyone.


$ pyperf compare_to 2021-04-13_23-59-master-11159d2c9d66.json.gz 2021-04-14_23-03-master-3fc65b97d09f.json.gz  
pickle_dict: Mean +- std dev: [2021-04-13_23-59-master-11159d2c9d66] 72.0 us +- 1.6 us -> [2021-04-14_23-03-master-3fc65b97d09f] 73.1 us +- 0.9 us: 1.02x slower
pickle_list: Mean +- std dev: [2021-04-13_23-59-master-11159d2c9d66] 11.1 us +- 0.1 us -> [2021-04-14_23-03-master-3fc65b97d09f] 11.0 us +- 0.1 us: 1.01x faster

Benchmark hidden because not significant (1): pickle

Geometric mean: 1.00x slower
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