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Date 2021-04-23.08:00:59
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On 23.04.2021 07:47, Inada Naoki wrote:
> Inada Naoki <> added the comment:
> I think it is too late. Python 3.9 has been released already.  Reverting the change is also breaking change.
> PEP 100 says:
> "Search functions are expected to take one argument, the encoding name in all lower case letters and with hyphens and spaces converted to underscores"
> But codecs.register() says:
> "Search functions are expected to take one argument, being the encoding name in all lower case letters".
> I don't know historical reason why two document are inconsistent.

I guess just an oversight on my part.

PEP 100 is certainly what I meant and implemented. I should have also
made it clear in PEP 100 that I meant lower case ASCII letters.
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