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Date 2021-04-16.14:48:28
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The inclusion of PyOS_ReadlineFunctionPointer in python3dll.c (*) was a mistake. According to PEP 384:

> functions expecting FILE* are not part of the ABI, to avoid depending on a specific version of the Microsoft C runtime DLL on Windows.

The situation may have changed and it might be reasonable to revisit this decision, but that would call for a larger discussion. There are FILE*-taking functions that are probably much ore useful than this one. (But, I think it's a good idea to limit the stable ABI to file-like Python objects anyway.)

I see PEP 384 as being definitive (where it's not ambiguous). The python3dll.c list and public/private headers do not actually define the stable ABI.

So, I'd like to remove the function from the list.


(*) it was actually PC/python3.def in 3.2
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