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Pablo: "I every single alpha release I had to fix actual documentation errors (no false positives)"

I don't get it. Do you mean that the Python release process is blocked by typos in the documentation? Why did you catch them in the release process, and not in the regular Python development workflow?

Can't we get the same errors in the regular workflow?

I understand that the release process requires no warning from "make suspicious", but as explained in other comments, this tool is not reliable. While it catchs some real bugs, the cost of false positives is too high.

Doc/tools/susp-ignored.csv contains 368 lines, IMO it's a sign that this tool either requires a serious reworking, or must be disabled/removed.

Doc/tools/extensions/ is a CPython specific extension, it's not part of Sphinx. Maybe someone should open a feature request on Sphinx to get a similar feature without false positives (or at least less false positives).
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