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Date 2021-04-09.05:42:15
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The original issue is reported here.

1. Only BZ2File uses RLock()

lzma and gzip don't use RLock(). It adds significant performance overhead.
When I removed `with self._lock:`, decompression speed improved from about 148k line/sec to 200k line/sec.

2. The default __iter__ calls `readline()` for each iteration.

BZ2File.readline() is implemented in C so it is slightly slow than C implementation.

If I add this `__iter__()` to BZ2File, decompression speed improved from about 148k lines/sec (or 200k lines/sec) to 500k lines/sec.

    def __iter__(self):
        return iter(self._buffer)

If this __iter__ method is safe, it can be added to gzip and lzma too.
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