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Date 2021-04-08.18:42:23
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When using Popen with shell=True, the output of the repr is not particularly user friendly. 

When using the form `p = Popen('python --version'.split())`, the output is reasonably output in a user friendly form of `<Popen: returncode: None args: ['python', '--version']>`. 

However, when running with `shell=True`, the output is mangled.

For example, trying to run `python --help` via `p = Popen('python --version', shell=True)` yields the following output.

`<Popen: returncode: None args: ['p', 'y', 't', 'h', 'o', 'n', ' ', '-', '-',...>`

The original change appears to be motivated by 

and the PR here:
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