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Date 2021-04-06.19:07:08
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Py_IS_TYPE(obj, type) was added to Python 3.9 by bpo-39573:

commit d905df766c367c350f20c46ccd99d4da19ed57d8
Author: Dong-hee Na <>
Date:   Fri Feb 14 02:37:17 2020 +0900

    bpo-39573: Add Py_IS_TYPE() function (GH-18488)
    Co-Author: Neil Schemenauer <>

It's currently implemented as:

static inline int _Py_IS_TYPE(const PyObject *ob, const PyTypeObject *type) {
    return Py_TYPE(ob) == type;
#define Py_IS_TYPE(ob, type) _Py_IS_TYPE(_PyObject_CAST_CONST(ob), type)
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