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> Interesting. What code did you use to collect statistics?

For static statistics I wrote my own script: I can add that to Tools permanently (I have a slightly improved version that can look for different things).

> I used patches in issue27255. Perhaps it is worth to add an optionally compiled code for collecting dynamic opcode statistics permanently.

We have that already: compile with -DDYNAMIC_EXECUTION_PROFILE -DDXPAIRS. There's a script (Tools/scripts/ that works with such data, but it's primitive. Eric is working on improvements; I added my own hacky script to run an app and collect the data.

I collected a few different sets of statistics: static stats for the stdlib and for mypy, dynamic stats for running mypy and a few of the benchmarks in pyperformance. Eric and I have plans to do this more systematically; we'll then publish our tools and results.
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