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Re ""f:\dev\3x\PC\" ucrtbased" exited with co
de -1073741819."

f:\dev\3x>py -3.10 PC\ ucrtbased
C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\ucrtbased.DLL is version 10.0.14393.33

so the failure is due to running the file with the nonfunctional python_d.exe.

In a text editor, encodings/ looks fine.
f:\dev\3x>py -3.10 f:\dev\3x\\lib\encodings\
(to check text further) fails at line 33
  from . import alias

In any case, line 31 is 'import codecs'. looks fine and
f:\dev\3x>py -3.10 f:\dev\3x\\lib\
runs without error, so its text appears to be intact.  Perhaps one of the imports of compiled C fail drastically.
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