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> Isn't the problem that Python functions are (non-overriding) descriptors, but builtin-functions are not descriptors?
> Changing static methods is not going to fix that.
> How about adding wrappers to make Python functions behave like builtin functions and vice versa?

I would love consistency, but is that possible without breaking almost all Python projects?

Honestly, I'm annoying by the having to use staticmethod(), or at least the fact that built-in functions and functions implemented in Python don't behave the same. It's hard to remind if a stdlib function requires staticmethod() or not. Moreover, maybe staticmethod() is not needed today, but it would become required tomorrow if the built-in function becomes a Python function somehow.

So yeah, I would prefer consistency. But backward compatibility may enter into the game as usual. PR 25117 tries to minimize the risk of backward compatibility issues.

For example, if we add __get__() to built-in methods and a bound method is created on the following example, it means that all code relying on the current behavior of built-in functions (don't use staticmethod) would break :-(
class MyClass:
    # built-in function currently converted to a method
    # magically without having to use staticmethod()
    method = len

Would it be possible to remove __get__() from FunctionType to allow using a Python function as a method? How much code would it break? :-) What would create the bound method on a method call?
def func():

class MyClass:
    method = func

# magic happens here!
bound_method = MyClass().method
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