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> Seems like a duplicate of #20309.

My usecase is to avoid any behavior difference between and functions: PEP 399 "Pure Python/C Accelerator Module Compatibility Requirements". Currently, this is a very subtle difference when it's used to define a method.

I dislike the current _pyio.OpenWrapper "hack". I would prefer that would be directly usable to define a method. I propose to use @staticmethod, but I am open to other ideas. It could be a new decorator: @staticmethod_or_function.

Is it worth it to introduce a new @staticmethod_or_function decorator just to leave @staticmethod unchanged?

Note: The PEP 570 "Python Positional-Only Parameters" (implemented in Python 3.8) removed another subtle difference between functions implemented in C and functions implemented in Python. Now functions implemented in Python can only have positional only parameters.
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