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> If we had a dedicated maintainer who was supporting Win7 and making releases for it, then we (i.e. they) could support it. But then, there's nothing to stop someone doing that already, and even to stop them charging money for it if they want (which they wouldn't be able to do under the auspices of python-dev). So I suspect nobody is really that motivated ;)

That's totally fair.

> (Also, a "little bit of complaining" here is totally worthwhile, as it helps us gauge community sentiment. Without it, we're limited to trawling forums and Twitter - especially without conferences to actually meet and hear directly from people - and so our inputs are biased. Having polite, informed, discussion on the tracker is a great way for us to see and capture these positions.)

I agree. In my comment, I only intended to contrast "complaining" with stepping up to do the work. I didn't mean to imply that it's inappropriate per-se.
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