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On Mon, Mar 22, 2021 at 04:34:32AM +0000, Tim Peters wrote:
> For example, setting up a module global `_gcd` name for `math.gcd`

Looking on the stdlib, I would just import gcd.

> default `_gcd=math.gcd` arguments to the methods? Then it's
> even faster (& uglier, of course).

... and less readable.

Not sure if speedup will be noticeable.  But more important is
that I see no such micro-optimizations across the stdlib.  Probably,
this will be the reason for rejection.

> Or wrt changing properties to private attributes, that speeds some
> things but slows others - and, unless I missed it, nobody who wrote
> that code to begin with said a word about why it was done that way.

Yes, I'll dig into the history.  Commen^WDocstring doesn't explain
this (for me).

> Opening a BPO report is a trivial effort.

Sure, but such report will require patch to be
discussed, anyway.
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