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Date 2021-03-21.11:59:21
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Hi Victor,

I just noticed the change to dtoa.c in GH-24821. Please could you explain what the benefit of this change was?

In general, we need to be very conservative with changes to dtoa.c: it's a complex, fragile, performance-critical piece of code, and ideally we'd like it not to diverge from the upstream code any more than it already has, in case we need to integrate bugfixes from upstream.

It's feeling as though the normal Python development process is being bypassed here. As I understand it, this and similar changes are in aid of per-subinterpreter GILs. Has there been agreement from the core devs or steering council that this is a desirable goal? Should there be a PEP before more changes like this are made? (Or maybe there's already a PEP, that I missed? I know about PEP 554, but that PEP is explicit that GIL sharing is out of scope.)
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