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Date 2021-03-19.22:13:13
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> But it is not what I want for now. I want to ignore UTF-8 mode 
> when `encoding="locale"` is specified.
> This is almost "only in Windows" issue, and users can use 
> `encoding="mbcs"` in Windows-only script.

Why is it being specified that the current LC_CTYPE encoding should be ignored in Windows when a "locale" encoding is requested? Cross-platform C code would use mbstowcs() and wcstombs(), with the current LC_CTYPE encoding. That's Latin-1 in the initial "C" locale and defaults to GetACP() if setlocale(LC_CTYPE, "") is called, but otherwise it's whatever locale is requested by the program and supported by the system (all Windows installations support pretty much every locale).
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