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> Is it about the current implementation of the PEP 597, or are you thinking at the future Python which would use UTF-8 by default?

I had forgot to consider about UTF-8 mode while finishing PEP 597. If possible, I want to ignore UTF-8 mode when `encoding="locale"` is specified from Python 3.10.
Otherwise, behavior will be changed between Python 3.10 and 3.11.

> Currently, getpreferredencoding(False) respects the behavior that you described, no?

getpreferredencoding(False) respects UTF-8 mode. That's what PEP 597 said (because the PEP don't define behavior in UTF-8 mode) and GH-19481 implements. 

But it is not what I want for now. I want to ignore UTF-8 mode when `encoding="locale"` is specified.

This is almost "only in Windows" issue, and users can use `encoding="mbcs"` in Windows-only script.

But `encoding="locale"` is new and recommended way to specify using "locale" encoding explicitly. When user specify "locale" encoding explicitly, I think we should respect it regardless UTF-8 mode.
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