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Date 2021-03-19.12:00:06
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On 19.03.2021 12:05, STINNER Victor wrote:
> I'm not sure what to do with locale.getdefaultlocale(). Should we deprecate it? I never used this function. How is it used? For which purpose?
> I undertand that in 2000, locale.getdefaultlocale() was interesting to avoid calling setlocale(LC_CTYPE, ""). But Python 3 calls setlocale(LC_CTYPE, "") by default at startup since the early versions, and it's now called on all platforms since Python 3.8. Moreover, its internal database seems to be outdated and is painful to maintain (especially if we consider all platforms supported by Python, not only Linux, there are many issues on macOS).

Yes, deprecate it as well. If Python calls setlocale() per default now,
it has served its purpose.

The alias database is needed by the normalization engine. We may be
able to drop the encoding part, but this would have to be checked.
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