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Date 2021-03-19.10:22:54
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I created PR 24931 to add locale.get_current_locale_encoding(). I tried to clarified the differences between the "current locale encoding" and the "locale encoding".

Maybe we should rename the "locale encoding" to the "Python locale encoding", since it's not what most Unix developers would expect. What do you think?

While most locale function have no underscore in their name, it seems like the current trend is to allow underscores in names for *new* functions. For example, the sys module has without underscores:

* sys.getallocatedblocks()
* sys.getdefaultencoding()
* sys.getfilesystemencodeerrors
* ...

But it got new functions with underscores:

* sys.set_asyncgen_hooks()
* sys.set_coroutine_origin_tracking_depth()

... and there are some old functions with underscores:

* sys.exc_info()
* sys.call_tracing()
* sys._clear_type_cache()
* sys._current_frames()

In the locale module, there is one existing function with an undercore:

* locale.format_string()
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