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> The Documentation component is for issues that only change the docs

That's not clear in the triaging guide for the multi-select component field. (However, it is clearly stated as such for the GitHub PR label "type-documentation".) If that's really the case, then I'll manually nosy the docs team in cases such as this. When wording is disputed and needs to be clarified, I want an expert at documentation to propose or review the change.

> Adding 'Documentation' amounts to rejecting this patch or anything 
> else that changes the code.

That was not my intent. I accepted Tom's position that "string" means a C string, which must be null-terminated. So I added the "Lib" tag and left it as a "behavior" issue instead of changing it to "enhancement". 

I'm concerned that the old c_buffer() function is defined to call create_string_buffer(), and it's not officially deprecated in the docs or the source code. (There's a commented-out deprecation warning.) A related concern is that the documentation says that the length of a byte-string initializer should not be used if the size is specified, which allows creating a character-array that's not null-terminated. If it raises a ValueError in this case, the wording should be clear that the value of `size` must be large enough to set the initial value as a null-terminated string. I also would want c_buffer() to get a separate implementation in this case. 

If accepted, create_unicode_buffer(init, size) should also be changed to require that init is set as a null-terminated string.
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