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For our subprocess docs, Eryk's text:

For POSIX, ``executable`` should be stated as a "relative path without a slash in it" or a "relative path without a directory in it". An unqualified filename is a relative path that won't be resolved against ``cwd``, unless there's a "." entry in PATH.

For Windows, the use of CreateProcess() is documented. It could be stated more explicitly that ``executable``, ``args`` / ``list2cmdline(args)``, ``env``, and ``cwd`` are passed directly to CreateProcess() as lpApplicationName, lpCommandLine, lpEnvironment, and lpCurrentDirectory.

is quite reasonable.  I wouldn't include your long notes.  But a link to a MSDN article explaining that would be useful at the end of the Windows paragraph.

For the POSIX case we should describe which PATH is used.  The current one, or the one set in a ``env`` dict.
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