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Date 2021-03-16.10:58:22
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It's a compromise.

The default settings for --with-openssl-rpath=no (--without-openssl-rpath) is backwards compatible with previous Python versions. The default behavor stays the same.

I don't want to set an rpath *unless* the user specifies that they want an rpath. I lack time and resources to verify that OPENSSL_LDFLAGS and OpenSSL's pkg-config files don't include any -L flags on all Linux, BSD, and macOS distributions. The new flag will make it more obvious to users that they may want an rpath, too.

$ ./configure --help
  --with-openssl=DIR      override root of the OpenSSL directory to DIR
                          Set runtime library directory (rpath) for OpenSSL
                          libraries, no (default): don't set rpath, auto:
                          auto-detect rpath from --with-openssl and
                          pkg-config, DIR: set an explicit rpath
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