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Should the rpath be set on OpenSSL, on the Python ssl module, or on the Python executable?

> no (default): don't set an rpath

If most users get it wrong, why not using "auto: auto-detect rpath from OPENSSL_LDFLAGS (--with-openssl or pkg-config)" by default?

The Fedora packaging disallows the usage of rpath.

All I need about rpath is that it can be dangerous in some cases, but I forgot about the details. For example, on Fedora, if OpenSSL is installed in the regular /usr/lib64/ directory, rpath must not be used. Otherwise, it can lead to crash, bugs or vulnerabilities.

Fedora, Python and rpath:


Tell me if you need more details about the issues when rpath is misued. But I need to ask my colleagues, I forgot the details.
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