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Date 2021-03-16.10:02:23
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The section "Subtyping relationships with other types" of PEP 544 states:

"A concrete type X is a subtype of protocol P if and only if X implements all protocol members of P with compatible types. In other words, subtyping with respect to a protocol is always structural."

This requirement is violated by the current implementation of CPython (version 3.9.2):

from typing import Protocol

class P(Protocol):
    pm: str  # no default value, but still a protocol member

class C(P):
    # inherits P but does NOT implement pm, since P did not provide a default value

assert isinstance(C(), P)  # violates the PEP 544 requirement cited above

C().pm  # raises: AttributeError: 'C' object has no attribute 'pm'
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