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Yes, a package. There isn't actually that much in the txz. Most of the files are ostensibly empty.

As an example, let's say we have the following files:
test_module/ contains:
import test_module

from .test_submodule import *

test_module/ is completely empty.

Assuming `from x import *` acts like it does elsewhere, `dir()` before and after the import (in `test_module/`) should return the same result (as there's nothing to import, and I haven't made an explicit import of module itself.) In this case, `test_module.test_submodule` is being added to the parent class anyway. That's what I was referring to above regarding `_find_and_load_unlocked`.

I was looking into this, not because I want to use it (I don't), but because the *standard library* is using it in multiple places, and not performing explicit imports. In my case, this results in a slightly more complicated series of events where pylint thinks that attempting to access any member of `asyncio.subprocess` (for example, `Process`) isn't possible because `subprocess` hasn't actually been imported into `asyncio`'s module namespace. I have an issue open for that with PyCQA/pylint already.

Based on the documentation, and how `*` imports behave most of the time, pylint would appear to be correct in that `subprocess` has not been imported into `asyncio`'s module namespace, and as such should not be accessible. Above is a generic example of that behavior. I would assume that `` should fail with an AttributeError, but in this case it does not.
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