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Date 2021-03-13.18:58:35
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I tested installing 3.10 in session 0 for the current user, as a user with the batch logon right. The installation succeeded. If you're running as SYSTEM, then installing for the current user doesn't see reasonable to me. I won't test that case. 

I tested installing 3.10 in session 0 as SYSTEM, with the option InstallAllUsers=1. The installation succeeded. There's a caveat (bpo-25166) that the installer registers the uninstall record only for the current user. The SYSTEM account uses the default profile, so the uninstall record is stored under "HKU\.DEFAULT\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall". In this case, to uninstall you have to run the installer as SYSTEM with the /uninstall option.
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