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Date 2021-03-09.21:54:25
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Ref. bpo-43440

Now that both Windows and macOS builds compile SQLite with R*Tree support, we should consider adding support for R*Tree callbacks.

SQLite has two API's:
- sqlite3_rtree_query_callback() for SQLite 3.8.5 and newer.
- sqlite3_rtree_geometry_callback() for SQLite pre 3.8.5.

I suggest using the new API only, because it is more flexible, and it is also the one recommended by SQLite.


Python API:

Too long function name?

As for the callback spec, I'm not sure what's the most pythonic approach?
callback(coords, *params, **query_info):
  coords   # array of coordinates of node or entry to check
  *params  # parameters passed to the SQL function
  **query_info # the rest of the relevant sqlite3_rtree_query_info members
  return (visibility, score)
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