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Author Alex.Willmer
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Date 2021-03-04.22:21:10
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I believe the documentation for time.monotonic() and time.perf_counter() could be misleading. Taken literally they could imply that given

delta = 0.1
a = time.monotonic()
b = time.monotonic()
c = time.monotonic()

the comparisons `b - a < delta`, and `c - b < delta` are valid; but `c - a < delta` is not valid.

I believe that `c - a < delta` is a valid comparison, and that what the documentation means to say is "only the difference between the results of *subsequent* calls is valid."

The exact wording (present since the functions were added in

> The reference point of the returned value is undefined, so that only
> the difference between the results of consecutive calls is valid.

If there is agreement I'll submit a PR.
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