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Date 2021-03-01.21:09:43
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Sorry for my English. I don't know this is section is good for my question but anyway.
I know this is not a bug or etc. But this is really big problem for python users. As you know (maybe not) Qt company has released new Qt 6.0.1 for python. This is really big project and cool. I think this project has a big future. But at the same time there are some problems. One of them is memory security.
Like when I enter my password to password_line(echo_mode_hidden) and then search python memory for string I saw my password in memory area. Actually I dont know its python problem or PySide but this is a really problem. So my question is does foundation has a plan for solving this problem? Like some builts_in method for clearing specific variable data. Like user send variable name to the method and method clear its data. I will try some researching for clearing memory like send id(value) to c_dll and in c_dll side clean that memory but this is not a generic method...Sometimes gc clear that memory but sometimes not.
Thank you very much.
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