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Date 2021-02-20.05:14:34
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Carol, the most urgent thing we have going is to come up with text for
what's new. I posted a PR that adds my standard "quick" tutorial ( which is also found in
Appendix A of PEP 636 (the tutorial PEP -- the specification PEP 634 has a
different Appendix A :-), but we are worried that this is going to mislead
people into thinking "Oh, this is a switch with a funny name" -- which is
exactly what we don't want (see Jake vd Plas Tweet at Having stared at
this for way too long already I think I'm not able to come up with a better
way to present this *quickly* in a format that's appropriate for What's New
(concise, highlights only, meant for existing fairly experienced Python
users). Do you think you can help?
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