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> But I don't see the benefit of annoying and discouraging users who want to experiment with Python and with Linux on Z in 31 bit mode.

Fully agree.

> Yes, maintenance theoretically is a burden, but there have been no recent issues that were specific to Linux on Z in 31 bit mode.

As I have mentioned before, the Python interpreter in general has been very very unproblematic on any platform. The only real issue that I am aware of is that the testsuite can get stuck on machines with a large number of CPUs (we're seeing that on our SPARC T5 in Debian).

> In fact, most of the original Linux on Z support issues that I opened were endianness issues, which aren't ameliorated by removing 31 bit support.

And there is still MIPS-BE, PPC-BE, M68k, HPPA among other which are all big-endian.

> As others have expressed, deprecating 31 bit mode only removes the configuration option with no other code simplification.

Exactly my point. If it removed a considerable amount of code, I would actually see a point. But just removing a few lines of autoconf or preprocessor code makes no differences from a maintainer's point of view.

> It seems that it would be better to leave the configuration alone until there actually was an unresolved issue that motivated removal.

Jepp, fully agree.

> But I am not aware of any client requirement to continue the support. 

Sure. But free software shouldn't be solely about commercial customers. If someone wants to play with Python on the s390 emulator Hercules, for example, upstream projects shouldn't be keeping them from doing that.

> Leaving the 31 bit configuration unchanged is more about maintaining good will among the volunteers who are interested in the platform.

Absolutely. And about not limiting choices when there is no technical argument for it.
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