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Date 2021-02-18.14:26:24
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I reopen the issue since there is bpo-43228 regression, caused by this issue, which is still under discussion, and Mark also proposed to add a new builtins parameter to the function constructor (FunctionType).

I wrote PR 24564 to help fixing bpo-43228 regression: with this change, functions now inherit the current builtins if the globals namespace is overriden, but the new globals has no "__builtins__" key. This change is backward incompatible on purpose. If someone really wants to run a function in a different builtins namespace, globals['__builtins__'] must be set explicitly.

Once PR 24564 will be merged, I plan to write a 3rd PR to add an optional builtins keyword-only parameter to the function constructor (FunctionType).
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