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Date 2021-02-18.12:23:29
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> You do not need to support every platform. Just allow your users to use them.

This is kinda missing the point though. For example I've dealt a lot with the CPython codebase (and I'm also one of the Red Hat maintainers for RHEL and Fedora) and although I'm not a core developer, the codebase can be quite intimidating.

I agree that some lines of code do not seem like much but they add up. If noone actually has a use case here, removing them would be the best option overall just from a cognitive perspective.

Now I agree there are hobbyist's and so forth but you present an example, which is irrelevant to this case (m68k is not s390, right?). Do you actually know someone who is actively interested in the usecase of building a 32 bit python on an s390x system? Or do you know someone who owns an s390 system? Maybe someone who sends related fixes to another project?

You claim to speak for other maintainers, yet I'd like to actually hear their position on that. Feel free to add them to the nosy list. If the latest kernel is not even booting, I don't think many people actually care about this arch to at least keep it running.

On the other hand I do think though here that David would be the best person to speak about those use cases, as he is the most experienced here with the s390(x) architecture.

Now from my personal point of view, I don't mind actually keeping the support there, but it will never come up downstream for me, hence it won't affect me as Fedora doesn't build anymore for s390 (and already posted before the case for RHEL).

So again, do you know of this specific usecase, of someone either owning an s390 machine and compiling python, or actually utilizing an s390x machine and using the multilib packages to build a 32 bit python? If so, would you (or they) step up to fix related issues when they come up and assuming a buildbot would be set? Or would you know someone who would?

While your arguments make sense up to a point, claiming that others will step up or saying what others have done for different architectures, doesn't really help your arguments to hold.
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