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Author vstinner
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Date 2021-02-15.20:55:52
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The funny part is that the bug was there for 4 years. It's good that Serhiy added new tests to allow to catch this old bug!

commit f7eae0adfcd4c50034281b2c69f461b43b68db84
Author: Serhiy Storchaka <>
Date:   Wed Jun 28 08:30:06 2017 +0300

    [security] bpo-13617: Reject embedded null characters in wchar* strings. (#2302)
    Based on patch by Victor Stinner.
    Add private C API function _PyUnicode_AsUnicode() which is similar to
    PyUnicode_AsUnicode(), but checks for null characters.

It wasn't me! Ok, maybejust a little bit :-D
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