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And to dig a bit further with a semi-official answer.

RHEL4 had standalone support for s390, while since RHEL5+ we've had only multilib support (64 bits kernel and possibility of s390 userspace packages).

RHEL7 that is the oldest currently supported RHEL OS, does have multilib support, meaning that 32 bit (s390) userspace packages are available for s390x booting on 64 bit kernel.

Although a later base python version for RHEL7 will not be shipped as we already have python2.7.5 and python3.8.6 supported there, which already builds for s390 for the aforementioned multilib support.

On Software Collections where we actually sometimes ship later Python versions, we compile only for 64 bits so the removal of the s390 pieces wouldn't pose an issue here.

Hence the only problem I can figure out from my analysis would be for users on s390x who would download the necessary 32bit libraries and dependencies from the repos and use the -m32 CFLAGS and LDFLAGS to get a 32 bits build.
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