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Date 2021-02-15.16:15:29
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Łukasz Langa:
> +1 from me. Whatever few users s390 still has, they can keep using Python 3.9 which is 5 years newer than the latest kernel they can use.

Nowadays, it became trivial to maintain downstream patches. It is easy to fork the Python Git repository and put your patches on top of it. Here it's only a matter of doing the maintenance upstream or not.

> Moving forward, s390 will be unambiguously unsupported as we cannot test against this platform.  Unless we get a buildbot provided for this purpose, as well as somebody willing to fix broken builds on that buildbot long-term, it is what it is.

Wait. I would prefer to not have a buildbot worker unless there is a volunteer to fix all s390 specific issues. Otherwise, setting a buildbot worker will not solve any problem. I'm talking about build failures, test failures and issues on the worker directly.
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