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> and it happens that "pkg" is found in a folder that is 
> given in sys.path as a relative path

I'd prefer that Python disallowed relative paths in sys.path [1]. But since they're allowed, I think importlib at least could try to resolve relative paths in a copy of sys.path before searching. 

> as of 3.8 the current directory is removed from the search path, 
> so the .pyd is never found

It happens to work prior to 3.8 even though the load uses the flag LOAD_WITH_ALTERED_SEARCH_PATH, for which it's documented that "[i]f this value is used and lpFileName specifies a relative path, the behavior is undefined". 

The implemented behavior with LOAD_WITH_ALTERED_SEARCH_PATH is that the directory of the given DLL filename is added to the head of the DLL search path, even though it's a relative path. Then the DLL filename is searched for like any other relative filename. 

For example, loading r"foo\spam.pyd" will try to load r"foo\foo\spam.pyd" (note the double "foo"), r"C:\Windows\System32\foo\spam.pyd", r"C:\Windows\System\foo\spam.pyd", r"C:\Windows\foo\spam.pyd", and so on. If the current working directory (i.e. ".") is in the DLL search path, and r"foo\spam.pyd" isn't accidentally found relative to a directory that's searched before ".", then the loader will find r".\foo\spam.pyd". Fortunately another thread can't change the working directory while the loader is searching, since the PEB lock is held. If r"foo\spam.pyd" is found and it depends on "eggs.dll", the loader will look for it first in the DLL directory, i.e. as r"foo\eggs.dll".

The implicit inclusion of the working directory can be disabled or replaced with another directory via SetDllDirectoryW(), in which case the working directory will only be checked if %PATH% contains a "." entry. If it's replaced with another directory, then it's even inheritable from a SetDllDirectoryW() call in an ancestor process.

3.8+ uses the flag LOAD_LIBRARY_SEARCH_DLL_LOAD_DIR, which requires the DLL filename to be a fully-qualified path.

[1] That includes the "" entry in sys.path in the interactive shell. I wish it was implemented to resolve the working directory at startup instead of letting the entry vary with the current working directory.
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