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Author CharlesFengY
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Date 2021-02-10.09:00:08
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Seeing the following program, in the second assertRaises(), function "test_invalid_adpcm_state()"  is recursively called. Then a fatal Python error shows up and the Python interpreter crashes. 

import unittest
import audioop

class TestAudioop(unittest.TestCase):

def test_invalid_adpcm_state():
         TestAudioop.assertRaises(TypeError, audioop.lin2adpcm, b'\x00', 1, 555)
         TestAudioop.assertRaises(test_invalid_adpcm_state(), audioop.adpcm2lin, b'\x00', 1, (0, (- 1)))

TestAudioop = TestAudioop()


System Info: Ubuntu 16.04
Python Version:  Python 3.9.1
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