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This issue appears to be quite different from #34047.  The latter partly involved two then recent tcl/tk versions known to still be buggy on Mac.  It then determined to be directly a matter of how IDLE was interpreting the delta attribute of tk mousewheel events on Mac, where its meaning is confusingly different from what .delta means on Windows and Linux.  

For this issue, tk Text scrolling in IDLE is known to work on Windows when using a functioning mouse with functioning wheel and functioning driver.  You, on the otherhand, are using a 'notably bad' driver for a non-mouse device.  My conclusion is that tcl/tk is not sending proper mousewheel events to tkinter in response vertical double finger motions.  I strongly suspect that it is not getting proper mousewheel events from Windows.

#34047 was determined to very likely be an IDLE issue when I posted test file that had no IDLE code and Tal responded in msg321258 that scrolling worked fine when running that file.  (It should work the same whether run directly with Python or from an IDLE editor.)  Please run the same test on your system.  (The follow-up added a bit of IDLE code to see it *that* were the culprit.)
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