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Date 2021-02-05.12:26:33
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rust-webbrowser tries to open URLs via "gvfs-open $URL" and
"gnome-open $URL". Both are obsolete; the replacement is "gio open $URL",
using the gio(1) tool from the libglib2.0-bin package.

The gvfs-open tool was superseded by gio(1) in 2015, and removed from
upstream GNOME in 2018. The version in Debian is currently a
Debian-specific patch, which we would like to remove before Debian 11.

The gnome-open tool was superseded by gvfs-open in 2008, ceased to be
part of GNOME releases after about 2011, most recently appeared in a
Debian stable release as part of Debian 9, and was finally removed from
Debian in 2019.

The current list of browser could need some cleanup, e.g.:

 - remove "The Netscape and old Mozilla browsers"
 - remove grail?
 - remove gvfs-open
 - gnome-open?
 - can't find galeon anymore, but epiphany
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