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> Do you have glibc and musl installed side by side?

No. But there is nothing preventing me to have the libc runtimes installed in parallel with glibc.


And it is not common that people copy (with friends) to their alpine docker images to run both in same container. If that is a good idea is other discussion.

I do understand that full ABI compatibility also may involve libc ABI version, but I think that is a slightly different problem. Newer versions of glibc and musl libc are backwards compatible. You can expect a binary built with old libc version to run with new libc. But you cannot expect a binary built with musl libc to run with gnu libc.

gcc recognizes -linux-musl as a valid platform tuple different that differs from -linux-gnu:

The standard autotools' config.guess[1] also recognizes -musl as different platform. 

  $ ./config.guess 


So I think it makes sense to treat *-linux-musl as a different platform than *-linux-gnu.

If you still insist that this is only about calling convention and not platform, then I think you should at least clarify that in the script to avoid confusion:

  sed -i -e 's/PLATFORM_TRIPLET/CALLING_CONVENTION_TRIPLET/g' -e 's/platform triplet/calling convention triplet/g'
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