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Hi Aleksandr,

In future, when posting what you think might be a bug, please try to cut the code down to the bare minimum needed. In this case, it doesn't matter at all that the strings you are processing come from splitting a larger string. split() has done its job, correctly, giving you a list of  substrings

    ['WORD', 'BIRD\nBIRD\nBIRD']

You then extract each item, and only then take the slice from it. So you can simplify the problem:

    string = 'WORD'

You ask:

"Shouldn't index [0:3] give 4 chars?"

No. It gives *three* characters. The end index is not included in the slice. Slice indexes occur *between* the characters:


so a slice from 0 to 3 includes only three characters, not four.
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