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Date 2021-01-25.19:31:11
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It is certainly not good that some of the vfx users are seeing a crash. On the other hand, at this stage of Python 3.7's life cycle only security-related fixes are accepted as a primary goal is to keep 3.7 as stable and unchanged as possible for those users still using it. We always recommend using a fully supported version, today either 3.8.7 (for several more months) or 3.9.1. It is unfortunate that the Fedora patch wasn't applied upstream earlier when it would have been exposed across all platforms. If we could be more certain that applying it now would have no side effects on other platforms, it might be an easier call. As long as the vfx project is building and supporting its own copies of Python 3.7, I think it would be better for them to carry the Fedora patch locally if they want it until they migrate to a newer version of Python.
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