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>I haven't noticed, I'm sorry. I don't mind closing mine, just thought it could be a nice first contribution. 

No worries :), please don't close yours.

> Our PRs are different though - I feel like if we are to implement this, we should let the developer choose the separator and not limit to just `&` and `;` - but that discussion probably belongs in the PR.

You're right, I think that's an elegant solution. In the unlikely event web standards change again in another 5 years, the user can change the arguments themselves and cpython won't have to change. And like Eric pointed out, some people do need ';'.

I might make some changes soon, so it may not be ready for review yet. If I go ahead with the separator idea, I'll credit Adam as a co-author in the PR, which will require them to sign the CLA too.
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