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The main contribution of my PR is simply factoring out _format_option_with_args as an overridable method. Note that this actually enables subclassing HelpFormatter to produce all the examples you presented above with 1-3 trivial lines of code, as opposed to overriding the entire _format_action_invocation which is 20 lines in the base class.

If HelpFormatter had a stable internal structure (i.e. some sort of assurance that it's overridable methods were not subject to change), I wouldn't have bothered including an implementation of GnuStyleLongOptionsHelpFormatter in this PR, since I could just implement it downstream as-needed. However, I chose to push it upstream because a) it's trivial and non-invasive and b) it establishes a use-case of _format_option_with_args for posterity, just in case anybody came in later and saw such a trivial, "private" (underscore-prefixed) method and decided to inline it.

This lack of perceived stability is alluded to in My preferred solution would be to refactor HelpFormatter to have more overridable methods like this, make them non-"private", document them properly, and keep them relatively stable. In order to do that, we'd want to establish all the desired use-cases and be sure to craft the method structure in such a way that they're all supported. Since that would be a somewhat daunting design task and probably not high on the priority list atm, I think this small incremental improvement pushes things in the right direction; establishing a desirable use-case without committing to too many implementation details yet.
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