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Date 2021-01-21.21:12:37
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The refactoring looks reasonable.

But while we are tweaking:

    def _format_action_invocation(self, action):

I wonder if we also give users more control over how multiple option strings are formatted.  Currently if 

     parser.add_argument('-f', '--foo', help='something')

the help line will be

     -f FOO, --foo FOO     something

with this alternate formatter it would be (I think)

     -f FOO, --foo=FOO     something

But with longer option strings users often want

     -f, --foo FOO         something

or even just

     -f, --foo             something

we can almost get the last with `metavar=''`

     -f , --foo            something

which has a superfluous space before the comma.

I don't recall if there's already a bug/issue for this or not.  Maybe the fix is a subclass with a complete replacement of this _format_action_invocation method.  I'll have do more research (here and on Stackoverflow).
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