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An option is also to remove the whole getfile feature. It was added in bpo-2001 by:

commit 7bb30b72d8a165f8bacbc480b8d5a15834fa4c35
Author: Nick Coghlan <>
Date:   Fri Dec 3 09:29:11 2010 +0000

    Improve Pydoc interactive browsing (#2001).  Patch by Ron Adam.
    * A -b option to start an enhanced browsing session.
    * Allow -b and -p options to be used together.
    * Specifying port 0 will pick an arbitrary unused socket port.
    * A new browse() function to start the new server and browser.
    * Show Python version information in the header.
    * A *Get* field which takes the same input as the help() function.
    * A *Search* field which replaces the Tkinter search box.
    * Links to *Module Index*, *Topics*, and *Keywords*.
    * Improved source file viewing.
    * An HTMLDoc.filelink() method.
    * The -g option and the gui() and serve() functions are deprecated.
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